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Kin + Carta | Pulse Survey Live



How digitally capable is your business?

From multi-moment customer journeys to digitally empowered employees, measurement is the first step to control and improvement. Kin + Carta Pulse enables businesses to measure and track digital maturity across an organisation and its employees. In doing so, we highlight areas of strength to build upon and identify opportunities for development in pursuit of digital excellence.
This ‘lite’ version of the Kin + Carta Pulse Survey takes 10-15 minutes and provides an initial measure of your organisation’s digital maturity. The results will provide a clear picture of where you are now and areas to focus on for the future. Your organisation will be evaluated for digital sophistication across four dimensions:
  • Human experience & culture
  • Strategy & leadership
  • Customer connections
  • Systems & infrastructure
Why take the Pulse survey?
The survey results are not just a simple set of calculations or benchmarks - you can expect some actionable outcomes. Within 24-48 hours of completion of the survey, one of our digital experts will review your responses, identify key opportunities, provide insight, and offer recommendations that you can implement.
The responses you provide will be used for the preparation of your report. Also, we will collate and use the anonymised responses across the K&C group for insights and marketing purposes. We may also use the analysis to create an external insights report(s).